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Immigration to Australia 2021 – Australia opens the door for immigration to Australia for free

Immigration to Australia 2021 – Australia opens the door for immigration to Australia for free


In this article, we will talk about immigration to Australia 2021, as it announced the opening of the door to immigration to Australia for a million people from different countries of the world to reside and obtain Australian citizenship, and Australia clarified on the official Australian immigration website that the start of the immigration program is to bridge the population deficit with simple and easy terms and for various specialties And without any fees or the need for offices or companies to obtain residence and nationality visas, this is done through a program. You will know a lot of information about immigration to Australia in this article

General information about Australia:

Before talking about immigration to Australia, we had to get acquainted with general information about that country, as it is your next home, even if temporarily:

Capital: Canberra

Population: 23,232,413 people

Population growth: 1.03%

GDP: $ 1.235 trillion

GDP per capita: $ 49,900

Government: a federal parliamentary democracy.

The application period for the immigration program to Australia:

Open all the time (but the faster you complete your data, the better your chance).

The application cost for Immigrate to Australia:

Submission is free.

Conditions for applying for the immigration program to Australia:

– The age of the applicant for citizenship must be over 18 years old.

– A specific qualification is not required.

How can you apply for the immigration program to Australia?

– Australia is one of the countries that are easy to accept to obtain citizenship in a short period and legally.

– The application is made through the official Australian immigration website and not through any other website (and do not pay to any immigration agency as it is completely free.

– To apply for immigration to Australia, your data must be registered on the Australian immigration website completely. The immigration application is free of charge through the Australian government website and you can choose the state you are interested in.

About the immigration program to Australia:

The Australian Skilled Migration Program (Skilled Migration to Australia) is a program designed to encourage professionals and experienced professionals to work in Australia to work in sectors facing a shortage of expertise. The Skilled Migration Program has been introduced to Australia to replace all skilled worker visas issued between 2012-2013.

The Australia Immigration Program – Skilled Migration has sub-visas; where the applicant must choose a profession from the list of required professions issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Department of Border Protection and Immigration. After that, the applicant must fulfill the basic requirements for the brain drain program of practical experience, certificates, language skills, and others.

The program works according to the points system, which is used to determine the eligibility of applicants to immigrate to Australia, where applicants are awarded points for age and education. The applicants who obtain the highest scores are selected and granted the right to immigrate to and enter Australia with their spouses and children.

Eligibility requirements and requirements for immigration to Australia:

There are several conditions and requirements for immigration to Australia through the Skilled Migration Program, as the applicant must:

▪ Be 22-44 years old.

▪ Obtains at least 65 points in the Australian immigration points system.

▪ Possess the minimum required language skills (6/9 in the IELTS exam or any acceptable exam).

▪ Meets character requirements.

 Privileges and benefits of migrating to Australia:

1- Free education for children.

2- Free health insurance.

3- Tax benefits for families (permanent residents and Australian citizens).

4- Material support system for newborns (the family gets AUD 5,500).

5- Chill First home insurance for permanent residents and Australian citizens (payment of up to AUD 26,000 for a new home).

6- Full employment rights and assistance in obtaining employment.

7- The possibility of obtaining Australian citizenship.

8- The possibility of joining spouses, children, and parents.

The most important way to get an immigration opportunity:

There are states in Australia that are not famous and have a great need for immigrants, and therefore they are the easiest states to obtain immigration opportunities, (after you obtain citizenship, you will be able to move to any other state if you wish).

You are required to apply for each state and you will be contacted.

Costs required to immigrate to Australia:

Skills assessment application submission fee: 500-1,000 Australian dollars

Government fees:

Main applicant: AUD 3,755

Children over the age of 18: A $ 1,875

Children under the age of 18: A $ 940

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