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How to study in Canada?

How to study for free in Canada?

How to study for free in Canada?
How to study for free in Canada

To answer the question that is the title of our article, we chose to provide you with information about free scholarships offered by well-known Canadian universities that are well-known for their advanced ranking among the world’s major universities, in terms of their conditions, advantages, and other matters that may interest you if you want to study there and at the lowest possible costs so that you get An accredited certificate that helps you qualify for a high-income and prestigious position in major international and international companies and institutions.

Let’s start with the University of British Columbia, which provides the scholarship to outstanding students who apply to study a bachelor’s degree in that university, where students get the award upon their first year enrollment at the university, and the award can be renewed for up to three additional academic years as the number and degree of scholarships that are offered annually varies according to Ali available funding.

How to apply:

 First Step: Create an account on the university’s website from here

 Second Step: Complete your profile, check the details here

Then the University of Brescia, which offers a good number of partial scholarships for international students, and its conditions are very simple to be an international student and to have a high school diploma with also a certificate of English language proficiency such as IELTS or TOEFL. It is an ideal opportunity, especially when you learn about the nature of these scholarships.

 first, for example, is the Director’s Entrance Grant, which provides about 3500 Canadian dollars or the Academic Dean’s grant with 3500 Canadian dollars, then the Brescia College Entrance Grant that supports you with approximately 2,500 Canadian dollars, and finally both the funding of the Brescia Entrance to Academic Excellence of 2000 Canadian dollars and the Brescia Merit Entrance Grant that is provided. You get 1500 Canadian dollars.

Application link here

Majors here

After that, we find the University of Humber, which in Canada offers scholarships for a bachelor’s degree, and its conditions are very easy, represented by possessing an English language proficiency certificate such as IELTS or TOEFL with school certificates translated and certified, as well as a transcript of academic degrees that is also translated and certified with both the GPA and any documents Others support the applicant file and finally two letters of recommendation from two professors.

Majors here

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