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Job description

As a maintenance technician, you ensure that our small and large industrial installations, machines and systems run smoothly. We consider you to be an extremely important link within our company. Your responsibility is to assemble, maintain and repair all kinds of installations and machines. You know how to localise a defect and to use the right technique to come to a solution.

You are part of a team that is responsible for qualitative technical inventions on mechanical, electrical and pneumatic level. Together, you are responsible for the preventive maintenance of our machinery and equipment. In addition, it is your daily challenge to solve breakdowns quickly and efficiently so that they have small or no impact on our production run.

During your startperiod, we provide good guidance. If you do not yet have the necessary skills, we offer you internal and external training. Afterwards, you will also be given the opportunity for continuous training.

If you like to work with your hands and you like machines and technology, then this is the job for you.



Desired candidate profile

      several years of experience in a similar function.

      Knowledge  of mechanics, electricity, pneumatics and PL

      Knowledge  of French or English




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